Is Whiplash The Worst Type Of Car Accident Pain?

Over five million car accidents occur every year, and the injuries are abundant from the collisions. When you are in a car accident, you don’t always feel the pain and stress on your muscles immediately. Many individuals report the majority of their pain surfacing the following day, often in the form of whiplash, bruising, and other problems. While whiplash can be significantly painful, it is just one of the many potential injuries that originates from your car accident.


Whiplash occurs when you experience a sudden movement or jolt of your head and neck, which is common in a rear-end collision. The type of incident and the health of the injured person are the two issues that dictate the level of damage and pain. Whiplash varies from person to person, so it could be the worse pain you experience in one accident, but it may be a minor issue in another accident. Neck pain and swelling are both common residual problems with whiplash.

Blunt Force Trauma

Even if you have airbags and other safety measures in your vehicle, you are still at risk of blunt force trauma. Many types of injuries can result from blunt force trauma, including broken bones, bruised ribs, a concussion, and, sometimes, a heart attack. All of these injuries are incredibly painful, often requiring a trip to the emergency room, pain medication, and weeks of healing.

Ligament Damage

Your ligaments are the connective tissue that keeps your bones together. These ligaments can be torn or overstretched in the event of a car accident, causing a great deal of pain and requiring surgery to fix. If you sustain any ligament injuries during a car accident, or suspect that you sustained ligament injuries, notify the medical personnel when they arrive at the crash. Ligament damage is usually sustained if you are thrown from your vehicle, or you are hit by a vehicle directly.

Pain Depends on the Individual

Though most injuries during a car accident are relatively painful, the level of pain is determined by the individual. Pain is a signal to the brain that you have been hurt, but that pain is not felt the same by every person. To determine the most painful injury, you must consider the pain of the person suffering with the severity of the accident. Luckily, emergency medical personnel are often dispatched quickly to help lessen the pain as soon as possible.