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painkillersA visit to the doctor is not necessary for every single ache or pain in your body. Problems like a mild headache, slight muscle fatigue, or menstrual cramps are completely manageable from your own home with non-prescription painkillers, which can be purchased in your local supermarket or pharmacy. Instead of wasting your time on medications with little to no effect, take a look at a pain relief pills that are tried and true.


Aspirin is one of the most common pain relievers available, with variations for adults and infants. The chemical construction of aspirin is meant to eliminate fevers and pain associated with a fever. However, the medication is also used to relieve minor bouts of itching and inflammation. Aspirin can be a very powerful drug, with 81mg doses for infants and 325mg doses for adults. It should typically be used for adults over the age of 20, without prolonged usage. Regularly using aspirin can irritate the lining of your bowels and stomach, so do not exceed the recommended dosage on the bottle.


Ibuprofen is another common pain reliever, including brand names like Advil and Motrin. It is classified as an NSAID, or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which means that it alleviates pain by treating inflammation. Risks are similar to aspirin, such as nausea and stomach irritation. NSAIDs are meant as a short-term solution for pain, requiring that you visit a doctor if you use the medication for over 10 days straight.


Acetaminophen does not perform the same way as aspirin and ibuprofen, in that it does not cause the same side effects to your stomach. In fact, acetaminophen is so safe for users, that doctors list it as the only pain medication that a woman is allowed to take during her pregnancy. With varying dosage sizes, you can choose the right strength for your particular pain. If you need something stronger than the 500mg offered in Extra Strength Tylenol, speak with a pharmacist for the next dosage size.

Choosing the Right Medication

To determine the right medication for you, you need to take a full assessment of your pain. If your pain is accompanied by swelling and inflammation, you should choose ibuprofen or aspirin, which both have anti-inflammatory properties. However, if your pain presents with no swelling, Tylenol is your safest and most effective choice. Follow the instructions carefully on the bottle of the medication you choose, making sure to always keep the medication out of the reach of children.