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Back Pain

A backache can stop you in your tracks, preventing you from engaging in physical activities with friend, laying down without pain, and even just walking your dog around the neighborhood. Even mild or moderate pain can quickly develop into blinding pain. If you experience pain, your best chance at eliminating it is with a trip to your doctor’s office. If he chooses to prescribe codeine, you may be curious if this medication will actually be able to help, but codeine is an excellent choice for your pain for a number of reasons.

Most Mild Narcotic Analgesic

If you only have used medications that are available without a prescription, codeine is the right introductory narcotic for your pain. Generally, codeine is considered to be one of the milder opioids, but it still is relatively potent. For example, if you have a dose of 150mg of codeine, the equivalent effect with morphine would only take 45mg. If your backache is not constant, codeine should suffice as you attempt to resolve the pain through physical therapy, surgery, or a visit to the chiropractor.

Nerve Pain Blocker

Since codeine is a narcotic analgesic, each dose acts as a pain blocker, cutting off the signals to the brain that you are in pain. By shutting down your pain receptors, you are able to move around and maintain the same level of physical activity. However, codeine also causes sleepiness, which can cause you to be a little clumsy. If you are prescribed codeine, try to only take it at home when you will not be driving anywhere else.

Temporary Relief

Codeine is a temporary solution to your backache, mostly due to their addictive properties. Many individuals quickly build up a tolerance to the medication. For this reason, doctors tend to only prescribe the medication for a short time, so make sure you follow the careful instructions that your physician and pharmacist give you when you pick up your medication.

Find the Cause

When treating pain with a narcotic analgesic, your doctor doesn’t intend for you to use it for too long. The goal of any doctor is to treat the pain, and then help the patient wean off of the medication, giving the patient the ability to build up a tolerance for the pain, rather than that pain medication. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy, exercise, or a change in diet, but codeine is useful for temporarily curing your backache.